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feral children of architecture is a multi-disciplinary multi-dimensional exploration









to + with + for


[1] life death life after death [2] people places spaces [3] dealings feelings healings

 and all that is

[a] in and in between [b] known and unknown [c] hidden and revealed [d] seen and unseen [e] noticed and unnoticed 

through the making of things both real and unreal in and for the past, present, and futures.

* * *

dancing on the bridge of the secular and sacred

|| building as/is sacred space as/is ritual as/is ceremony ||

|| building as/is tool as/is art as/is artifact ||

|| is day to day ||

|| is ordinary and extra-ordinary ||

engaging: the temporary, the e[in]ternal, the ecstatic, the suspended, the [im]perfection, the beauty, the imagined, the [un]necessary, the authentic, the artificial, the [un]interrupted, the need, the real


* * *

left to our own devices we flourish

* * *

be a window or a mirror either way every one will be seen

) O (

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